We take custom orders. All our porcelain pieces can be customized with our different glaze colors.

To create your custom order list, you need to make 5 choices/decisions for each item:

  1. The category
  2. The item name
  3. The outer glaze color. (Please keep in mind that most plates and flat objects can not be glazed on the outside. In these cases please choose a matte option.)
  4. The inner glaze color
  5. The quantity of this item

Repeat the process until you choose and customize all the items you would like to order. Fill the customer information form and confirm your order.

Upon receiving it, we will price it for you, give you a shipment quote, delivery time and payment details. We will start production after receiving the amount due.

Locally we use “Yurtiçi Kargo” and internationally “TNT” unless otherwise specified.

The inner and outer glaze