santimetre - is an artisanal design brand 

manufacturing its designs in low volume batches.

established in 2009, at the aegean coastal town of turkey, ayvalık,

the brand has a porcelain manufacturing studio and a small

woodworking shop in this neoclassical landmark heritage town.


tulya madra - founder of santimetre, is a designer and a ceramist 

currently based in new york city. initially a furniture and interior designer,

she became more and more immersed in ceramics over the

past years, and porcelain became her preferred medium.


santimetre studio - currently we have a new showroom/office in Redhook, Brooklyn.

the showroom operates by appointments. we keep a rich stock in variety of forms and colors from which our

clients can shop on the spot or can custom order individualized items selecting their prefered glaze colors.


the current collections of santimetre products consist of

a wide range of tableware items and kitchen utensils, 

all handcast in limoges porcelain slip.

all the pieces in the collection called “anonymous” are

re-appropriated and singularized objects, produced with an awareness

of the value of familiar forms, with the intention of creating healing tools

for those who use and share them.


within the frame work of santimetre, tulya madra, on occasion

collaborates with her designer, artist and artisan friends

ranging from object design and development to

specific art projects and installations.